NATHAN CEDDIA -  Australian film director and photographer. Berlin/London.   @nathanceddia  Ignant  Nowness   It's Nice That  Munchies 


GUCCI - Bloom Nettare id Fiori
Directed by Nathan Ceddia for Ignant Productions.


Gelato Cannon. Commercial made for Remeo Gelato featuring the UK's number one ladies tennis player Johanna Konta.  The film see's Johanna face off against the worlds first Gelato Cannon. 
Directed & Produced by Nathan Ceddia.


NOWNESS Man Vs Gut - Over the last decade the ways we share food content through the internet and social media has changed dramatically. Every day we're hounded by the latest food trends, clogging up the arteries of our news feeds.
Directed by Nathan Ceddia - Featured on NOWNESS in collaboration with Bompas & Parr.


The Golden Gumnut. Shot on location in the Australia, the short film follows the journey of a Kangaroo names Wayne as he navigates his way through the harsh Australian outback.   
Written & Directed by Nathan Ceddia.


Trinity College Dublin Visitor Welcome Film
Directed by Nathan Ceddia.


Fractured. Pentatonic presents an imaginative furniture collaboration with New York’s iconic design collaborative Snarkitecture.
Content Produced & Directed by Nathan Ceddia. Animation by Foam Studio Berlin


Cooking with your mouth. A viral internet Cooking series with over 100 million views across social so far and over 50 pieces of coverage from the likes of The Times, The Washington Post, Vice and The Daily Mail.
Created by Nathan Ceddia and Iska Lupton.


Reality Street takes us on a dark and disturbing tour through the streets of London, as a congregation of street dweller's stand confronted with the horrors of new age digital identity.
Directed & Photgraphed by Nathan Ceddia.


The Museum of Modern Art San Paulo Brazil - Tongue Town the exhibition was composed by a series of installations that addressed the past, the present, and the future of food.
Directed by Nathan Ceddia. 


Wonderland Magazine SUNSCREEN
Photography by Nathan Ceddia & Nina Raasch.


Taiwan -   
Directed by Nathan Ceddia.


Photography by Nathan Ceddia for Bompas & Parr. 


Macallan Whiskey Masters of Photography - A multi sensory event which took place in both Hong Kong & Taipei in coloration with world renowned photographer Steven Klein.  
Directed by Nathan Ceddia.


Cake Holes. A project exploring the strange underbelly of food and eroticism. Featured on It's Nice That the film went viral with over 250K views on YouTube.
Directed by Nathan Ceddia for Bompas & Parr. Photography by Jo Duck.


The Glorious and the Grotesque - With Bompas & Parr & photographer Hana Knizova.  A series inspired by the International Affective Picture System (IAPS) 
Directed & Produced by Nathan Ceddia. Photography by Hana Knizova.

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Ordinary Magazine. A quarterly fine art photography magazine featuring over 20 artists from around the world who are sent one ordinary object, which comes as an extra, to make it extra-ordinary.
Floating Garbage photographed by Nathan Ceddia for Bompas & Parr.


Alcoholic Architecture - A concept developed by Bompas & Parr, featuring a walk-in cloud of breathable cocktail.
Directed by Nathan Ceddia.


FROGGA. A short film that brings to life the damaging personality traits of a frog. 
Written & Directed by Nathan Ceddia.


Flood Plains. Official music video for Melbourne based super group Boomgates.
Directed & Produced by Nathan Ceddia.


Cooking on the Frankston Line - Ricky devises a plan to cook everyone a meal on his local train line.
Written & Directed by Nathan Ceddia.


Sneeze Art. Unraveling the secret world of sneeze art, one sneeze at a time. 
Written & Directed by Nathan Ceddia.

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Thermal City - Shot using special thermal technology a short film about the human condition. 
Directed by Nathan Ceddia.